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Author: Brother Joshua Seidl, SSP
auteur van deze boeken
   Brother Joshua Seidl is a member of the Society of St. Paul on Staten Island, New York and a Michigan native. His work in religious media includes editorial, business and publication. His efforts concerning the historical and current relationships between Native American culture and the Churches brought to North America inspired this book.
    Bro. Joshua speaks to college and university students, including the University of Youngstown, Walsh University and Cleveland University. He has also been invited to speak at a Native American Retreat for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, office of Native Concerns. 

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    Photo is cropped from his United Nations Indigenous Forum ID.

Hawk Dancer
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Illustrator Kathy Johnson
Illustrator of the two novels and some short stories in the BCVR series

Kathy Johnson, an art teacher, spends six months of the year in Northern Wisconsin near Lake Superior. The rest of the year is spent in central Illinois along the Illinois River. Johnson, renown for her on location landscape paintings, also engages in life drawing and carvings.
    "Creating the illustrations for Hawk Dancer," she says, "has brought together my own life experiences."
    Her interpretations make the viewer an eyewitness to the phenomena of Northern Wisconsin's mystery. The sights, smells, sound and texture of the pristine landscape, waters and flora are all there in her works. She dipped her brush unto the pallet provided by Grandfather Great Mystery before touching it to the canvas. It is an experience to behold the connectedness of all creation through Johnson's works.
Hawk Dancer
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Editor: Charles M. Browne
hofðingi ritstjóri
Charles (Meymahongebe) Browne, a life time resident of Wisconsin's Lake Superior coastline, is the son and grandson of the ordained Ministers / Medicine Men who inspired this book. He is also the paternal uncle of the author, Bro. Joshua.
    Without Browne's expertise and given history, Hawk Dancer probably would not have been published. Charles and his wife Elaine made essential corrections to assist their author-nephew who has dyslexia. Browne, a writer and artist in his own rite, presented many suggestions to clarify the cultural, historical and spiritual incidents brought out in the book. 
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