"Hawk Dancer" and "Cloudburst"
and the
Birch Clump Village Reader Series

Author: Joshua Seidl, SSP
Edited by Charles M. Browne, the North Country Needler
Illustrated by renown artist: Kathy Johnson

There are those times of difficulty when I have to pause and ask, "What would Bubba do?"
         - - Sgt. T. Douglas, BCV Chronologist

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The difference between fiction & reality: Fiction has to make sense. Tom Clancy

September 15: Indian River, Michigan is a real place in my novels. A new Short Story, featuring Cross in The Woods went up this evening.And, I reset the countdown clock.

September 14: Just published: My latest book What Would Bubba Do: Birch Clump Village Reader 5. I am waiting on my proof copy before I can approve for Global distribution. For now, it is available on

September 11: Click to read the last News letter. Next book (BCVR#5) nearly complete. And, following "Confession of a Chicken" short story ... there's a spark of romance. My, my! How will this play out?

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   Book #1, "Hawk Dancer"
Engage in North Country ventures from folk storyteller, Joshua Seidl, (known to masterfully weave fact and fantasy.) These are works of hysterical historical and contemporary fiction.

Metis, Euro-American and Native American interaction in a contemporary historical setting, 1917-2010 in pristine northern Great Lakes woodland communities. Carried in a whimsical, witty, dramatic, sentimental manner.

"Stories, well driven, and so realistic. Down to earth great reading." --Sgt. T. Douglas, chronologist

Petunia Tree?

    Is there such a thing as a Petunia tree?
    Indeed there is; sort of. The author took the original photo that was used for the front cover of What Would Bubba Do?: BCVR 5. The actual tree was displayed at the Marquette, Michigan Visitor Welcome Center in the Upper Peninsula. The trunk and branches are sculpted metal plating. the interior came with plumbing that watered the hanging moss baskets.
    Many displays promote made (or grown) in Michigan products. Each year, new displays in or around select visitor centers are exchanged; thus this tree is no longer at the center.

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Just Published
What Would Bubba Do:
Birch Clump village Reader 5

    Short stories on our favorite villagers continue.
   Twentynine-year-old Douglas found the father who left home the day he was born. Nora vies for his favor at the family reunion, while Neil tries to pick a fight with him in 1979.
    Douglas reminisces his two year ordeal dodging the high school bully (1965-67).
    Randy finds out his adoptive father is an illegal alien.
   Dean's antics back fire as he strives for his first diver's license.
    The author tells the true story of when he ran the US/Canadian border.
    Things get hairy when Jig and Jason are held at gun point in a case of mistaken identity by drug mob enforcers who need no witnesses.
    Romance and dealing with bulluides is in Confession of a Chicken

... continued below ...

Confessions of a Chicken

    Olive, a six-foot-three girls' high school varsity pole vaulter falls for 5' 11" Douglas (at age 16) after witnessing his fight at a Church Youth Group picnic.
    Ethnic, racial and religious biases, tolerance and acceptance are interwoven in Bubba Junior's investigation of Birch Clump Village history. Bubba is a virtual orphan from a highly dysfunctional family taken under wing by Sarge.

     Pictured right → is Sarge when he was 16, years before he was known as Sarge. This drawing is featured in BCVR 5. He went by the name Douglas during most of his youth. His fist name would have provoked a lot of teasing, so the initial "T" sufficed.
     Readers first learned what "T" stood for in BCVR 4. (Click the picture right).

     There is more on Joel ( pictured left ← ), Bubba, Sarge and on other characters from the novels in "What Would Bubba do: Birch Clump Village Reader 5.