Hawk Dancer

Hawk Dancer
North Country Novels and the Birch Clump Village Reader series
by author Joshua Seidl, SSP

Part One (as in Book One)
Hawk Dancer novel
Tri-Cultural Companion Novels
Native American / non-Indigenous / Metis (mixed)
Paperback $21.95 or E-book $6.99

    Hawk Dancer and it’s follow up companion novel, Cloudburst are works of contemporary and modern historical fiction. Real events of the past 80+ years that affected Native and Non-Native American relationships are demonstrated through the villagers of Birch Clump.
    Dynamically charged in style and content, the players realistically live out the obstacles, setbacks and triumphs of our ever developing democracy.
Author: Joshua Seidl, SSP
Editor: Charles M. Browne
Illustrator: Kathy Johnson 
Available in paperback and as e-books thorugh major on-line book sellers: Amazon, Lulu, Barnes and Nobles, iTunes.
Part Two (overlaps Book one and continues on)
Cloudburst novel Joshua Seidl
Cloudburst - book two, $17.95 paperback, or E-book $6.99

    Extensively researched, these novels entertainingly present an authentic American experience. Granting Natives full U.S. citizenship in the 1920’s was countered nearly thirty years later with the American Indian Termination and Relocation acts. This was ended in 1971 and paved the way for passage of the American Indian Freedom of Religion Law, August 11, 1978, grave protection laws in the 1990s, and renewed treaty observation of the 21st century.

Birch Clump Village Reader series

    Readers asked for more stories about their favorite characters from the novels. Joshua responded with the BCV Reader series. Each volume is a collection of short stories, illustrated and with some poetry. Like the novels, he includes drama, tears and laughter and a bit of romance. Meet some of the characters.
BCVR Paper backs $10.95-$12.95
All BCV Readers in E-book $4.99

Birch Clump Village Reader
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