"Hawk Dancer" and "Cloudburst" and the Birch Clump Village Reader Series

Author: Joshua Seidl, SSP
Edited by Charles M. Browne, the North Country Needler, and Illustrated by renown artist: Kathy Johnson
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The difference between fiction & reality: Fiction has to make sense. Tom Clancy

May 25, 2015": The latest Birch Clump village reader (#6) is published and approved for global distribution. Currently available on Lulu, People Like Them will soon be sold via other major book sellers, such as Amazon and B&N.

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May 5, 2015:
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There are those times of difficulty when I have to pause and ask, "What would Bubba do?"
         - - Sgt. T. Douglas, BCV Chronologist

Engage in North Country ventures from folk storyteller, Joshua Seidl, (known to masterfully weave fact and fantasy.) These are works of hysterical historical and contemporary fiction.

"Stories, well driven, and so realistic. Down to earth great reading." --Sgt. T. Douglas, chronologist

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The latest BCV Reader:
People Like them

     We heard statements like that. It often signals some sort of negative bias against a group, race, and etc. Bubba and T. Douglas are those kind of people. Our parents might have warned us about hanging out with such company.
     BCVR-6 promises comedy and drama follow some of the unexpected twist and turns found in BCVR-5 What Would Bubba Do?
     ↑ Above L-R: The author, Joshua Seidl. Sgt. T. Douglas, and Bubba Jr., two of Joshua's fictional characters on display.
To the right → T. Douglas at 15. Gorky kid, and underweight, he loved country music and dressed the part; a bit off track for a 1966 Michigan Baby Boomer.
     Olivia whispered, "He's scrawny, but cute." May muttered, "Looking good in those jeans, too."
     He blushed and they giggled louder.
    His grandfather once wanted him killed and nearly succeeded.

Metis, Euro-American and Native American interaction in a contemporary historical setting, 1917-2010 in pristine northern Great Lakes woodland communities. Carried in a whimsical, witty, dramatic, sentimental manner.


Most Recent
People Like Them:
Birch Clump village Reader 6

    Short stories on our favorite villagers continue.
   What advice were you given for handling bullies? Back in the sixties, most of us were told to stand up to the bully. T. Douglas, however, was not a fighter. Moreover, according to him, Billy the bully outweighed him, was a couple years older and well toned from farm work. Douglas was skinny, underweight and viewed himself as a borderline weakling. Standing up to the class bully was not an option for him.
   Two years of being literally pushed around and humiliated come to a head at a Church picnic of all places. We learned in the last BCV Reader how that went for him. That story continues in "People Like Them.

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Confessions of a Chicken . . . continued

    Sixteen-year-old Douglas (in 1967) figures he will be arrested. Joel's family files suit against the Church. Douglas becomes the main topic of gossip in two Churches and the small near Ludington, Michigan.
    Click the picture right for exciting scenes from that K.O. fight. (It it was do or die at the time for Douglas and Billy.)
    ← Way to go Dean!
Dean defends his date against her jealous ex-boyfriend, Les. The scene takes place outside a rundown bar-restaurant near Marquette, Michigan, (estimated year, 1974.) Amos takes over after Les puts Dean down.

Other features: Bubba cooks oatmeal and sets the kitchen on fire. He interviews the author of these books. Amos returns from Vietnam with a Purple Heart. Dean and Amos feature in the short story "Dressed to Suit."