Hawk Dancer

Ten Things

  • By Joshua (Tim) Seidl
  • 31 Jul, 2015

How this short story came about

I asked Uncle Charlie to send me a list of ten things. I committed to write a story involving each item. Among the most outlandish entry was "Falling ten feet out of bed." The challenge to good fiction as opposed to non-fiction, is  that fiction needs to be believable. I think I did a pretty good job of finding a logical reason why a person would fall ten feet from a bed; (rotted second floor beams.)
      Jig Rajan from the novels and a totally new  fiction character, Danny are the protagonist. The young bachelors work for Danny's aunt at a small TV and radio shop in Escanaba, Michigan.
     They hear a commotion in a  back alley and rush in to rescue a Mexican migrant worker about to be beaten by a pair of racists. Danny, a reluctant hero, is pictured here resting on a trash can shaking and trying to calm down from the nauseating adrenaline rush.
     The pair learn of the biased and illegal treatment of many migrant farm workers. They decide to do some amateur investigative work  with the help of the aunt to bring the landlords to justice.
     It is up to the diminutive,  brown skin Jig to try and get hired as a migrant worker. The real Mexicans know his Spanish is insufficient, and those who  hire day workers can see his smooth hands were not accustom to harvesting fruit and vegetables.
    The aunt, once an aspiring men's fashion designer, coaches Jig on modeling. He dons his tightest pair of jeans and and an open floral print shirt. He struts about on the same corner as the other day workers. He is eventually hired as a pool boy by the wife on one of the wealthy landlords. It turns out that one of the thugs he and Danny ran off in the back alley is their son.  He gathers a team of  men with ax handles and rope to put an end to Jig's  snooping around.
    The short story, Ten Things is in the book by the same name, TEN THINGS: BIRCH CLUMP  VILLAGE READER 4 .

From Birch Clump

By Joshua (Tim) Seidl 21 Jul, 2017
I use Corel Paint, an affordable alternative to Adobe Paint Shop to assist me in drawing new illustrations for my fiction stories. I search for photographs, mostly my own, but also a few on-line public domain pictures. I then outline the parts I want and paste them into a new scene that fits the story I'm working on. A composite of six photos were used for the picture above.
    This is a picture of my fictional character, Sarge T. Douglas and me at Black Castle, Republic of Turkey in 1973 or 74. Sarge has his back to us. The real me is facing outwards at us.
    Sarge is made up of two photos, one below and the other above the waist line. The picture of me is made up of three photos, jeans, main body trunk, and a photo of me from around 1973 taken in Turkey when I was in the USA Air Force.  The back ground scenery is of an actual section of the ancient, deteriorating Black Castle in Turkey situated between Adana and Tarsus.
     Each part was digitally cut from the original photos and put in place in the Corel photo program. I made the drawing from that composite. Attention was given to ensure that hair style and clothing and any items in the final composite photo and drawing adhered to period fashion, technologies and items. In other words, one should not see the outline of a cell phone in the pockets, nor a hair or clothing style that would come after the date or period involved. Skintight jeans were in vogue for teens and young adults in the 1970s, as was long hair. However, these two individuals were in the military at that time and thus would have short hair. They are not on duty, thus would likely be in civilian attire.

    If they were in uniform, then Sergeant T. Douglas would have had three stripes on his uniform in 1973/74. He was E-4 pay grade. Research is important for a fiction author. The rank of sergeant was changed a few years later. E-4 became senior airman, and E-5 became the fiorst (or lowest) of the sergeant ratings.
By Joshua (Tim) Seidl 30 Jan, 2017
   Just released: My latest in a series of readers. Each  book contains short stories (mostly fiction), some poetry, and plenty of illustrations. 
    Tim Browne is an ordinary fellow from a white working class family, Christian. However, a rumor that he might be Jewish makes him the target of bigoted bullies in school and again as a young adult. He suddenly learns how the threat of violence constantly follows young minority men. His upbringing did not prepare him for what was ahead.

Publishing Status as of January 29, 2017:

   Proofs are expected to arrive Monday, the 30th of January. It will be about a week before my editor and I can review the finished product. If all is well, I will then press the approval button and the book  is available instantly on Lulu.com, and will begin showing up on other major book seller's sites such as Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.

Paper Back and E-book options:

     My books always come out as paper back first. I begin preparing an e-book version soon after. 
By Joshua (Tim) Seidl 28 Jul, 2016
I added long hair with special software to this picture of me taken in about 1980/81 at the age of 29/30. I then drew a picture to represent my fictional character, Sarge T. Douglas. This photo helped me to replicate his initial arrival in the Village of Birch Clump for the novel "Hawk Dancer." 
    My method for many of the illustrations I did began by tracing a rough outline and then free hand drawing in the rest. I now  use a tablet drawing system hooked to my computer. I can sketch, paint, and , more from special art soft ware with a stylus on the tablet and watch my progress on screen. 
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