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Synopsis Page 3 (Birch Clump Village Readers)
Ten Things: Birch Clump Village Reader 4

Ten Things: I asked our Uncle Charlie Browne for a list of ten things that I would work into a short story. Jig Rajan works with a new character, Danny at a TV/Radio dealer in downtown Escanaba, Michigan. They meet up with Mexican migrant workers. Jig and Danny conduct their own amature undercover work to expose the plight of many immigrant workers that are being taken advantage of by A local farmer.

Fishing Hole, Part Three: Amos Crow was left tied up in the woods in part one. Part two was on the search to find out what happen to him. Part three flashed back to his struggles all alone back in the woods.

Start the Day Right: Nineteen year old Neil Roberts is the stock  boy at the Birch Clump General store when it's robbed. He shared a deep seeded secret with Jig Rajan; something that could ruin him if anyone knew. 

Changing a Flat: Sgt. T. Douglas searches for the biological father that abandoned him at  birth. We learn what the "T" stands for in his name
Illustrations above are by the author for BCVR #4 
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Armed Robbery
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