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Disclaimer on picture below (next) - Sorry, no movie contract has been offered or even hinted at. A brief hint as to who this is, and why he's tied up is below the picture.
Hawk Dancer Joshua Seidl
Above Photo:
    This is an illustration for an upcoming story intended for the next issue of the Birch Clump village Reader, (yet to be published.)
     I made a few attempts to interact as the real life author with some of my fictional characters. It proved to be quite a challenge, but I finally wrote such a story about the fictional Sarge T. Douglas and me from our Air Force days in or around 1973/74 on assignment in the Republic of Turkey. 
    We first met in Turkey (according to the stories). We became close friends. A series of add mishaps are misinterpreted by us one particular day. It's quite understandable how he and I would have a totally different  take following an unexpected mishap that  ended up in a fist fight between us. We were both were noted for having rather passive, amiable personalities; not at all prone to getting into fights. We were also perfectly matched in age, size, weight and knew next to nothing on how to fight; thus making this match even more exciting for others to watch. The painting above is of the loser; but I offer no spoilers though as to who won.
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