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My Next Book, part two (2)
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War Stories:
T. Douglas and I in Turkey 1973

   I put six photos together to come up with the scene you see before this paragraph, and came up with an illustration to use in the story titled War Stories.
   I made several attempts to insert myself to interact with some of my fictional characters. That was no easy task, but I finally succeeded. Sarge, as the former Air Force sergeant is nicknamed in most stories, and I meet for the first time on the Incerlik Air Force base in Turkey.
    We fast become good friends. The story, however, leads to a scene in which a freak set of circumstances pits us against each other.   
     I mistakenly thought Sarge has just started a fight with me, (and I have good reasons to have believed it.)
     We were perfectly matched in age, height and weight. Neither of us are experienced in fighting; and both of us are known to be very passive. Thus, it is as exciting fight for those that gather around to watch us duke it out.
    I do not include a spoiler here as to who won, nor what sparked the fight. The loser gets tied up.
tied up

He Bought the Farm
Yet to be titled story about Jig Rajan purchasing an old farm house. Shady secrets of the family who owned the farm before him begin to surface.
   Jig inspects the new purchase, but finds himself on the ground. He has no memory as to how he was knocked out cold.
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   Complications in his plans to marry Sandy continue. We know from the first novel, Hawk Dancer, that he eventually has grand children. But how are things worked out?
    Her first husband was missing for seven years; but a legal declaration of death is not likely to happen.

Momma Said I Should
boys fighting
    A true story (or most of it is true) about the summer our family moved to a new house. I pulled off a joke, but the other boy didn't find it funny. He shoved. I pushed back. Then Momma told me to clean his clock.
   She probably didn't expect how seriously an 11 and 12 year old could fight when she said that. 
   Dad began working for the parish church the year before. The pastor was buying up houses to build a new grade school. We were given one of the houses to live in for five years. After that the block of homes were torn down and the new school built. 

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Lucy's Lasagna

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