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Bush Flight Alaska (dot com)

BushFlightAlaska.com is a listing (classified) website for all Alaskans. Our site contains Alaska specific categories with an emphasis on flying and the great outdoors. But, just about anything can be listed. You will find and appreciate auctions have been enabled within certain categories. We are the 'go to' listing for pilots & outdoor enthusiasts.

Alaska Bush Flying Inspires Us
Much like the venerable Alaska bush planes and bravely adventurous pioneering bush pilots who took flight from settled communities to the bush, the between, and back. Transporting people, supplies, facilitating trade, medical flights and more. Bush flight in Alaska continues to this day. As important and as strong as ever. A traveler seeking mystique and adventure, a family in need of mail, supplies or grubstake, a miner or fisher in need of equipment. We are here for you. To honor our flying pioneers, bush Alaskans, facilitate trade and promote adventures of flight into the bush of Alaska, we call our online trading post, BushFlightAlaska.com

Quyana caknek! (Great many thanks to you!)

~ Fly often, fly right!

Bush Flight Alaska was established by the author's Nephew
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