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St Pauls Catholic Books Chicago
PARKING: Paid street parking, 25 cents per quarter hour on Belmont and Luna Aves. FREE parking in the city parking on Central Ave 1st block south of Belmont Ave. Friday free street parking after 6:PM
    Stuck for coins? Ask us for a ST PAULS 25-cent parking token as soon as you arrive.
ST PAULS Catholic Biblical
Multicultural Book Center
Chicago, Illinois:
Our most recent store opened in late 2015, ST PAULS Catholic Multicultural Book Center. We say, “St. Pauls Biblical Center” for short.
   The center is located at 5225 W. Belmont Ave., one block east of Center Street and at the corner of Belmont and Luna. We are opened Monday through Saturday. Hours are:
Monday – Thursday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Friday until 7:0 PM, and Saturday closing at 5:00 PM
Phone 773-993-0857
Email stpaulschicago @ stpauls.us

Książki polskie - libros en español - 한국어 책

Catholic Bibles and books in English, Spanish, Korean and Polish. Many topics, all ages.
+ Plus Bibles in Italian, Tagalog and Japanese

Business Hours

Mon - Thu
- -
Appointment Only
Call us during business hours (Central time)
FREE PARKING: The city provides a free parking structure one block east of us, turn south onto Center Ave to enter the lot. Paid parking (25 cents per 15 minutes) is available along the side or front of our corner store [Belmont & Luna]. Coin or credit card payment for street parking. Ask us for a quarter right away upon arrival if you do not have change.

Our Uniqueness as a Catholic Book Store

Multi-Lingual & Multicultural

 Bibles and Bible study materials in multiple languages.
   We feature a large selection of books and Bibles in four (4) languages, English, Spanish, Korean and in Polish. Książki polskie - libros en español - 한국어 책
    We also carry Bibles in Tagalog, Japanese and Italian and we hope to keep adding to that list of languages for Bibles. (Sorry, we have not yet stocked up on Anishinabe literature, yet.)

Other kinds of Catholic Books
   The Society of St. Paul is a religious congregation of Priests and Brothers working in all forms of media, including book publication, TV, radio, video, audio, the Internet and more. Our communities in Latin American countries, Poland and Korea along with our own English language publishing house here in the United States supplies our stores with saint biographies, books on prayer and spirituality, homiletics, catechesis, Church history and teachings, and many other Catholic topics. We have books for all age. 

Religious Art and Articles
   This is primarily a book store. However, we do have a compliment of some religious article and art work available.

Parish Book Exhibits
   We are available to conduct a weekend parish book exhibit at parishes in the region. Pastors, Directors of Religious Education or other parochial authority may contact us for details. 

Inquiries and contact? (Multiple languages available)
   Please contact us via the "Leave A Message" form below (next). We can respond swifter for English inquiries; however, we also have Priests, Brothers and lay staff who can also accommodate inquiries in other languages including Spanish, Korean, Italian, and Polish, though there might be a slightly longer delay.

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Catholic books in Chicago
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