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Links to major on line book sellers to purchase books by Joshua Seidl, SSP

My books are available in paperback or as e-books from major on line book sellers. This page contains links to my books on Lulu, Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes & Nobles.
Lulu and Barnes and Nobles carries my books in paperback and as e-pub E-Books.
Amazon carries the earlier publications only as paperback, and some later books in both formats. iTunes carreis only e-book.
Please contact the author for details on how to obtain a signed copy from him. Payment options includes money orders or the author can send a Pay Pal invoice. Contact the author first to verify he has stock on hand before committing to the sell of a signed copy. 

Disclaimer on picture below (next) - Sorry, no movie contract has been offered or even hinted at. 
Hawk Dancer Joshua Seidl
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