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Follow the author as he writes, illustrates and prepares his next book.
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Birch Clump Village Reader #8
Just starting book eight. No title yet

Joshua Seidl, Sarg T Douglas
Sarge T. Douglas wearing incredibly tight jeans
War Stories
     Sarge and me: [Above] This story has the real me interacting with some of my fictional characters. the setting is at Black Castle, Turkey about an hour from Adana in 1973. Read more.

He Bought the Farm
    Next: Jig Rajan considers marriage, but there are obstacles. He has also purchased some property including an abandoned farm house. Restoration helpers look over the old attic. Read more.
old attic
Mamma said I could
A mostly true story
two boys fighting
Mamma Said I Should:
   It's pretty cool being the new kid in school or in the neighborhood. That is, until I pulled off a stunt that I thought was kind of funny. A kid down the block didn't see it that way.  More.

Lucy's Lasagna
   Lucy flips over Niel the stock boy and clerk at the village general store. She invites him to a home cooked dinner,  but he stood her up. HIs excuse is that he was tied up at work. More
guy tied up in tight jeans

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