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Birch Clump Village Reader #7
Just Published - Jan. 24, 2017

Tim Browne
     The latest book has just been published: TIM BROWNE: Birch Clump Village Reader 7.
      This seventh volume it so titled introducing my latest character, Tim Browne. His bio, in brief:
     He was born in a small town in northern Oakland County in 1951. This is located in south east Michigan, a few miles south of Flint Michigan and north of Detroit. His is part of a hardworking middle income, mainline white American family. He's quite ordinary in most aspects. He attended a Catholic Parochial school from 1st through 8th grade and then public high school.
     He works various unskilled jobs after graduating to earn college tuition.
      As for what is unusual about a boy with such a plane name as Tim Browne?
     He is erroneously labeled as a Jew by a school bully looking for an excuse to pick on him, maybe as a reason to beat him up if given the chance.  The label follows him into his young adult years.
     He was not taught how to handle biases as a minority. There would have been no need or call to do so. After all, he was born and raised as part of the majority, not as a minority. He quickly learns how dangerous life can be for  young males in a minority group. 
Knock out fist fight
One setting for Tim Browne is taken from a humorous real ninth grade event from my life. I trained to be a Mass server in the 5th grade, but was bullied from ever serving.
     I was given another chance at serving in the 9th grade but injured myself in the excitement to get ready. Uncle thought the details were funny and that I should write it up. So I did in this book, but I suited the telling to fit Tim Browne's life. I also conjured up several fictional events surrounding the incident to enhance tings for this new character I recently developed.

     Brownie-T, as he is nicknamed, foils an armed robbery in his early twenties. His hero status is rewarded with a more lucrative on the job training opportunity in Gaylord, Michigan. The old rumor that he secretively belongs to that certain minority group resurfaces. His new boss and the boss's son do not like People Like Them. His new job is placed in jeopardy.
    Others in town, regardless if they hold the same biases or not, are not so trusting of him thinking that he lied about his true identity. His hero status ends.

Writing prompts
     My editor supplies me with writing prompts as I ask for them. He came up with some creative and challenging ones in  the past. However, I was quite stumped the last time I asked. He wanted to see Dean and Sgt. T. Douglas in a fight-to-the-finish.
     A research of the time line sheet I keep made it impossible for Dean and Sarge to have known each other until 1978. By then, Dean is a responsible husband and father (and thus should not be picking fights as he did in his youth). T. Douglas, as readers know, is a very passive individual.
     I compromised. I bring back Derrick Geist from my novels, Hawk Dancer and Cloudburst, for this book. I found a rather plausible reason for T. Douglas to be visiting Gaylord, (the name of a real city). Douglas is enlisted to play a part in a practical joke that nearly drew him into a fight.
     The fight to the finish scene takes place later between other characters. I cannot say who is involved in order to avoid spoilers.
Kid from Surinam
Jig Rajan
    The final short story features Jig Rajan, the kid from Suriname who moved to Birch Clump. He helps a single mother of two with a flat tire. Romance sets in not long after. However, there are some complications as they discuss marriage.
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