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Mizz Tizzy Weed and Seed

 See how to better help the plants in the gardens interact with one another, and how not to over complicate things by making it difficult for our gardens, and for ourselves, when we do not meet their needs. By combining forces with the inter-planting of trees, shrubs, herbs, perennials, fruits and vegetables, you are improving the health of your gardens, while enhancing their productivity through their symbiotic relationships. 
This technique improves insect management by attracting the helpful insects, mixes nutrient accumulation, nitrogen fixation, and improves moisture control. 

Seeds come in beautiful covers complete with planting instructions and uses. She has a large selection to browse through.

This is Joshua Seidl's main seed source.

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Mizz Tizzy Weeds & Seeds
Below: A petunia tree.
That's right. It is a petunia tree. A metal sculpture, hallow, is fitted with plumbing to feed the baskets of petunias hanging on the branches. This was located at the Michigan Welcome center in Marquette, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula. 
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