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Map of Places

Map Of Birch Clump Village
and other places found in Joshua's books

Road kill on menu
      The actual Village of Birch Clump is one of the few towns or cities with a genuine fictional name. almost every place in the novels and other books by Joshua Seidl are real places. More over, he has been to nearly every place mentioned in his books.
     The lead in picture for this page is the real Time Out Cafe located at 3 W. Bayfield, Wisconsin 54891. I highly recommend this family eatery
    Birch Clump is situated where the real Cedar River, Michigan is. Escanaba, Menominee, Marinette, are real. Oldenburg is as close German translation for the real Odanah in Wisconsin.     
   The list of places covered in the books is extensive. It will be some time before this map page is completed.

Key to Listings: Bold faced type indicates one of two things. (1) It might be fiction name, and thus the 'normal' type gives the real name of the place or a nearby real place. (2) The second use of bold is if I also include the true address of a place in the books.
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