Hawk Dancer

Joshua Seidl

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Joshua Seidl, SSP

Getting to Know the Author

  This page is not intended as a biography about me, though I am happy to share some things. I was born in March, 1951 in Michigan. All but one of my K-12 schools are torn down. Fifth grade was seven of my happiest years. Only my high school remains and it was renamed in late years. It used to be Dondero High School. It is now the Royal Oak Middle School.
   I went to Duns Scotus in Southfield after high school. That was a Franciscan seminary. A Protestant mega church owns that now. The other colleges and universities I attended are still around, with at least one being renamed.
Brother Joshua Seidl, SSP
An odd assortment of photos of me. I use a fair portion of my photos to develop illustrations for my stories.
I am an honorably discharged Air Force veteran. I was stationed in Turkey and in the Netherlands. 1972-76.
    I returned to seminary for about 2 years and then left. I worked in public transportation for close to 20 years before returning to Religious life.
   I have been involved in various areas of modern media including TV/Video production, some radio work, publishing, magazine production, author, retail and more.
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How and Why I began writing these Books.

   There had been a number of attempts to write a book through the years, but nothing came of them. I doubt I ever got out more than a dozen pages at each attempt before abandoning the earlier attempts. Friends liked my poetry. I think they were sincere because they asked me to read some for others to hear. It wasn't until I turned fifty that I began to write in earnest.
   There are gifted authors who published fair to good selling books in their 30's and 40's. Here and there, even authors in their 20's. I'm convinced, however, that most people will find their ability to really write well begins after age 45. Maybe seeing our children leave home has something to do with that. We reflect, we ponder our purpose now that the kids are no longer dependants. Grandparents look at life differently. Our priorities, our values on what is really important in life changes to some degree. We become less impulsive.
   I never married, nor had children; but I watched the children of my peers grow up. I have some fine God Children that mean a lot to me. I was quite involved in the lives of some of them. Now I know what it is like to look at a thirty or forty year old as an adult and yet at the same time see him or her as the great kids they once were. Maybe that is what helped me write better and enjoy every moment of creating a story and characters. I love building them up, finding their weaknesses and vulnerabilities and sensitivities.
   None of my characters are an alter-me as it has often been said about authors. I am too uncomfortable exposing all who I am for anyone and everyone to read about. My agenda is there; I won't deny that. Some things I experienced are mixed into a few of the characters. Mostly, I fantasize what a character might look like, be like, act, feel like and their personalities.

Next Five Pictures:
Left-Right: Me at Algonac State Park in lower Michigan. The four that follow are drawings I did from pictures of me for different characters and scenes in the books. "It takes two to tangle" is comprised of a mirrored image of me gardening. I titled that painting "Conflict Resolution. A kid is punched in the pictured called "Taking it on the Chin." A drawing of me is modified to represent Friar Jacob Hawk Dancer. I picture of me leaning on a car was transformed to be Sgt. T. Douglas resting against a large rock with a blanket. 
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