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Jig Rajan from Suriname
and a few more Birch Clump Villagers

Jig Rajan moved to the USA in 1968 at age 15. He turned 16 in August of that year. He and his mother had short stays in Menominee, Michigan or Marinette, Wisconsin, and then moved to Powers, Michigan next door to the Neil Roberts and his family. They eventually settled in Birch Clump where he enrolled in high school as a member of the 1969 graduating class.
   His features attractively blended his multi-racial background, Native American, White Dutch, and Asian Indian. He stands 5 feet and three inches, (though he claims to be 5' 4".) At the time of his arrival to Birch Clump, he was very skinny, immature in facial features, though considered very cute by the girls of his class.
    Jig has a minor role in the first novel, Hawk Dancer, showing up only in the final third of the book. Yet my character development primed him to play bigger parts in the companion novel, Cloudburst, and to become a major character in a few of the short stories found in the Birch Clump Village Reader series.
    The previous illustration has him looking in on his friend Erik Fern following a traffic accident in the story, "A Goose in Deer Season." 
   Jig is well liked, particularly friendly and modestly outgoing in nature. Yet, those that feel they know him begin to realize that he is cleverly reserved in not revealing much about him and his history. Some suspect, and with merit, his Mom and he left some dark secrets back in Suriname.
     He partners up with fellow employee, Danny to perform some amateur detective work regarding mistreatment of migrant farm workers near Escanaba, MI. Their comical blunders nearly get's him beaten or killed in "Ten Things."
     He bravely and courageously comes to Dean's and Greta's defense during college in another short story.  
    In stories still under development, Jig is developing a romantic interest in a woman whose husband deserted her. 
Wrong Apartment

    Jig and Jason are held at gun point by mob enforcers who came to the wrong apartment. Pictured below is the two of them facing the wall on orders from the intruders who then tie them up.
Held at Gunpoint

Randy Vanwesterdyke

Randy of Birch Clump Michigan
He was designed to capture hearts.
    The success of a number of family value friendly novels is a cute, likable,  some what vulnerable kid. An orphan is perfect. Randy has the personality, a sweet disposition, and charisma to draw people in.  
About Randy

    Randy enters the village of Birch Clump in the 5th Chapter (The Cure) of the first novel, Hawk Dancer at age one via a single car accident on an icy road that orphaned him.
    He is believed to be mixed race, Native American and Euro American, though exact ancestry is not known until the summer he graduates from high school in 1969.
    The issue of who is eligible to adopt him, a well recognized White family, or a Tribal family becomes a hot issue in his first few months in the village. Several concerns regarding legal and cultural rights during the 1950's through the later 1970's for Indigenous People are played out through this character.

    Randy shares top billing among the characters of my novels with Job and Friar Jacob (aka Richard White). 
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